Environmental sustainability is the keywords to reach a better future. It is a must for business activity dan comunity to create a better environment in order to step on the way to reach sustainability. Better appropriate environmental technology which implement local knowledge and easy to operate and maintain is one among many best way to reach environment sustainability.
CV. ALAM RAYA was founded by two talented environmental and civil engineer. We aim to be best business partner in managing the environment, especially water and wastewater treatment. CV. ALAM RAYA is supported by well-educated, experienced staffs in marketing and mechanical & electrical, graduates from reputable universities in Indonesia and Asia Pacific Region, wnere for financial matters, our team is backed up by experienced certified accountants.
With our experienced, best education background, and appropriate technological skill personel, CV. ALAM RAYA offers the best way to and easy in operation and maintenance principles.
Environmental Consultant
Design and develop water and wastewater treatment facility/or plant which is made based on the quality and source of the raw water or watewater, with core features :
  1. Low energy compsumption
  2. Easy to operate and maintain - basic skilled operator
  3. The effluent of treatment is designed to meet local, state, and national environtmental standars
Our service includes: design, construction and supervision during contruction to ensure the best quality. We also provide operator training to help owner in maintaining their facility and enchance human resource capability.

Building Construction
Design and develop civil structure building for environmental facility which is based on accurate calculation on safety and operation od the building. Using local raw material in building construction is our other concern. Each of our design consist with breakdown of material and schedule to give you clear information of the project.
Wastewater Treatment Facility
The wastewater treatment plant was built and operate especially domestic wastewater from tourism facility in Bali. The facility is an Anaerobic and Aerobic Biological processes which designed treat up to 250 m3 domestic wastewater per-day.